Which Tudors Character Are You?

There were many people at the court of King Henry VIII of England, varying personalities as well as varying ways of execution. With so many people coming and going or dying it's hard to keep track of everyone.

Are you a King, a Duke, a Queen or a Commoner? This test will help determine what character you best represent in the Tudor court of King Henry VIII.

Created by: Duke
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  1. Do you wish for war?
  2. How important are you children to you?
  3. Were you born of royalty or did you rise from the common class to your present occupation?
  4. Do believe in Holy Mother Church?
  5. Are you a fighter, talker, sportsman, writer or all three?
  6. You are found guilty of treason and are about to die, how do you take it?
  7. Are you a whore?
  8. Do you prefer elegant regalia or more conservative attire?
  9. Will you do anything to get what you want?
  10. You are near death, how do you die?

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Quiz topic: Which Tudors Character am I?