Which Boleyn Are You?

The Boleyn family was, in one lifetime, the most powerful and the most disgraced family in England. The rise and fall was led by the Boleyn heirs: Anne, Edward, and Mary, each with their own secrets and scandals. Which Boleyn are you most like?

Mistress, Queen, and Lord. All are the titles held by Mary, Anne, and Edward Boleyn. They carried their family to the pinnacle of power, and caused the fall from grace as well. Which Boleyn are you?

Created by: Jessica
  1. You're told to seduce a man in power who's married to someone you admire greatly. What do you do?
  2. How do you go about seducing him?
  3. He's hooked. What's your next move?
  4. What about his wife?
  5. What do you want from him?
  6. Great. Your sibling's taken his interest. How do you feel?
  7. You're pregnant. What's your first thought?
  8. Everything you've ever wanted is within reach. What exactly is that?
  9. You now have the power to take revenge on anyone you desire. Who, and why?
  10. You're in the Tower, why?

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Quiz topic: Which Boleyn am I?