Scarecrow and Mrs. King fun quiz

Are you an obsessed fan of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King?" Do you know who gave Lee Stetson his Code name: "Scarecrow?" Then let's see just how obsessed a fan you are!

Which character are you? Dotty the mother, Amanda herself, The charming Lee Stetson, or Francine who has expensive tastes and weird dating habits or Billy the leader of IFF and a disciplinary character?

Created by: Avril

  1. In the episode entitle "Car Wars" who also had a recurring role on "Seinfeld" that also played in this episode?
  2. Who plays the character Emily Farnsworth?
  3. Who played Nabuti in the episode "Murder Between Friends?"
  4. In the episode "A Little Sex, A Little Scandal", who played the Character Leon Sacks and was in the movie "Grease?"
  5. In the episode, "Spiderweb" who plays Mitch Larner?
  6. In the Pilot there was a typo of someones name,in the credits please give me his/hers real name?
  7. True or False, Amanda and Lee never get married.
  8. In the episode "Do you Take this Spy?" Felicia McMasters is played by what "Deep Space Nine" cast member?
  9. True or False Amanda was married while she worked for the agency?
  10. What is the name of the last episode?

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