How King of Prussia Are You?

King of Prussia, PA. We're more than just the mall. There's a lot of secret stuff going on behind the scenes. Both legal and illegal, something's poppin in KOP. Or it's just the cops with their L.E.D. lights pulling people over across from the HESS station.

What do you know about King of Prussia? Anything? Nothing? Are you still thinking WHO the f*ck is the King of Prussia? Wondering what else is interesting besides Bam Margera vandalizing the damn place? Yeah, some of us, too. Come join.

Created by: Nikki

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  1. Upper Merion is what?
  2. Where is the big chicken?
  3. What is Echoes In The Darkness?
  4. Who is Mr. Lester?
  5. Which of the following is not a pizza place in KOP?
  6. What's at 202 and Henderson?
  7. You know the last names Martin & Andreyko and associate them with:
  8. "I'll be there in like ___ minutes."
  9. Which elementary school hasn't been rebuilt?
  10. There once was a murder at:
  11. Then there was another murder at:
  12. What used to be where Bear Rock is?
  13. The worst road at rush hour is?
  14. Upper Merion's ultimate rival:
  15. What used to be where the McDonalds is?
  16. What store doesn't exist?
  17. Celebrities live in King of Prussia.
  18. What's the mainline?
  19. The train from KOP to Philly?
  20. 202 is also called?
  21. Did you know there's 12 lanes on 202 by the mall?
  22. Where's the airport?
  23. Most taxies in KOP are:
  24. Which highway can't you pick up in KOP?
  25. Where do you park when you go to the mall?
  26. Ice is a ___________ located at _________.

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Quiz topic: How King of Prussia am I?