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Ok, so you think you know Stephen king? Well click the link and find out how good you really are. I will be making aanother Stephen king quiz. to find more Stephen king stuff go to http//:[no urls] Or another web at http//:[no urls]

Are you a Stephen king god? Well come see with this Stephen king quiz. You will love it! Go to youtube and serch stephen king articles and stuff they really help http//:[no urls]

Created by: Jacob

  1. What was the clowns name in IT?
  2. In Misery, who was paul's n #1 fan
  3. In the movie Cujo, what was the dog's name?
  4. Which one of these Richard Bachman titles are correct?
  5. What was Stephen king's first book?
  6. Who was the first one to die in IT
  7. How many Pet Sematary's are there?
  8. What was the devil kids name in Children Of The Corn?
  9. in IT, what did ben want to do when he was older
  10. Who was the main character in Ghosts?
  11. In Cat's eye? Was the cat bad or good
  12. In Misery who was Paul Sheldon?
  13. Was Nightmare On Elm street a Stephen King novel?

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