How Honny is Uncle Stephen?

There are many people who are honny for Uncle Stephen. We know this, and to keep the respectability of the USSR (Uncle Stephen's Suave Republic) up to par, we need you to prove your loyalty.

Do you know how honny Uncle Stephen actually is? Let's see. Please think long and hard about youre answers, as your score will determine your standing in the USSR.

Created by: chelsea

  1. What is Uncle Stephen's favorite color?
  2. What is Uncle Stephen's favorite fabric?
  3. What is Uncle Stephen's favorite animal?
  4. When Uncle Stephen wants to get in "the mood" what does he listen to?
  5. Who is Uncle Stephen's favorite actor?
  6. TRUE or FALSE: Uncle Stephen has a honny uncle Freddy.
  7. If Uncle Stephen was European, which origin would he be?
  8. TRUE or FALSE: Uncle Stephen likes to eat kibby and grape leaves.
  9. Uncle Stephen's idea of a perfect date is:
  10. The following can be found in Uncle Stephen's closet:
  11. TRUE or FALSE: Uncle Stephen was Situ's favorite

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