Children of the Corn

Not many people remember the wonderful Stephen King movie Children of the Corn. This movie has 6 mediocre sequels yielding only a handful of memorable characters. There is no comparison to Courtney Gaines portrayal of Malachai and all sequels fail to produce the eeriness and intensity of the original Stephen King original.

Think you've seen it enough to try my quiz? Well, even if you lack the confidence in you recollection of this film you should give it a try because even if you've seen it only once this quiz should bring back great memories for you.

Created by: Kelli of Myspace
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  1. OK, Easiest ones first. Where does the movie take place?
  2. On the night of which birthday were the children called to their lord?
  3. What kid's voice do we hear first in the movie?
  4. Who dies in the cornfield while trying to escape?
  5. What is the name of the old man's dog at the filling station?
  6. What gift does Vicki give Burt in the beginning of the movie?
  7. Isaac refers to his lord as what?
  8. Where were Burt and Vicki headed?
  9. Sarah had the gift of?
  10. What was the nearest town to where they were?
  11. To date, how many children of the corn movies have been made?
  12. What book can be seen on the dashboard while Burt and Vicki are driving down the highway?
  13. Where was Job when he witnessed the murders of the adults.
  14. Why did Isaac keep the old man at the gas station alive?

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