Stephen C. Sayre or Errol Flynn

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This quiz is a tale of two actors. Their names are Errol Flynn and Stephen c. Sayre. It is your mission – if you should decide to accept – to determine which facts fit with which actor. There are many people who are highly knowledgeable in the lexicon of film-speak and esoteric facts – Are you one of them?

Are you a film statistics prodigy? Do you have the exceptional knowledge and acumen to pass the test? Well, thanks to this interesting and instructional quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

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  1. He grew up partially in Ireland, Spain, Canada and the United States
  2. He was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  3. He starred in the following films: "Death Penalty"; "Satan Killer"; "Lost at Sea" and Tomorrow's Heroes"
  4. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Ph.D.
  5. He served in a top secret capacity for both the United States Army and the United States Air Force.
  6. Fluent in French and English
  7. He has a reputation for his womanizing, consumption of alcohol and brawling.
  8. He was married three times.
  9. He completed combat training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
  10. His first starring role was in the film "Captain Blood".
  11. He is the author of the book "Pre-Columbian Visitations to North America"
  12. He was awarded Outstanding Comedy Fantasy for "Movie Madness" by the Academy of Science Fiction and Fantasy Films.

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