Which Studio Ghibli film should you watch test

Tired of reading reviews and trying in vain to decide which Studio Ghibli film would be worth a purchase for you? Well take this quiz and find out which of the Studio Ghibli films would be most suited to you, personally, and enjoy!

Within the results are included all the Studio Ghibli films released on DVD in the U.S.A. Thus it omits The Wind Rises and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, as they haven't been released here yet. It also omits Only Yesterday, which is yet to be released.

Created by: DarthVader
  1. Do you like fast-paced movies?
  2. Do you like fantasy or realistic movies?
  3. Do you prefer the movie to be serious or funny?
  4. Do you like kids movies?
  5. What kind of animation do you like?
  6. What should the film be about?
  7. Do you like romance?
  8. Do you like history?
  9. Do you like there to be talking animals in a movie?
  10. Do you like sad movies?

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Quiz topic: Which Studio Ghibli film should I watch test