(Girls Only) Which Studio Ghibli Guy Is Right For You?

This isn't necessarily a quiz about which guy in the Studio Ghibli movies you like the best, but more a quiz to determine who would be a good match for you. :)

You aren't necessarily a lot like the girl character your result ends up with in the movies, but there's a good chance you are somewhat like her since Studio Ghibli has made good matches! XD

Created by: DarthVader
  1. Your ideal boyfriend must:
  2. What fears does your ideal boyfriend ease?
  3. Emotionally, do you want to rescue or be rescued?
  4. What about you do you think would attract your ideal boyfriend
  5. You feel best when you're...
  6. Does your ideal boyfriend have magical powers?
  7. You'd rather your boyfriend...
  8. Your ideal boyfriend...
  9. Your ideal boyfriend fights with...
  10. Is your ideal boyfriend at all selfish?
  11. How willing are you to overlook your ideal boyfriend's faults?
  12. Do you mind if your boyfriend is mysterious?
  13. Characteristics you would want your boyfriend to have:
  14. Is your ideal boyfriend understanding?
  15. You're looking for...
  16. You are...
  17. You need someone who will...
  18. Why do you usually get a crush on someone?

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