Which Studio Ghibli Heroine Are You?

I've only included 4 of the heroines because I wanted to make the quiz as accurate as I could and I couldn't do that if I had too many results........

I'm sorry if your favorite character isn't in the results, I chose characters that I thought were different from each other...........................

Created by: DarthVader
  1. How do you feel like others see you? (Whether it's true or not)
  2. Which out of these are you most likely to think about yourself?
  3. How do you feel about the past?
  4. Are you afraid of death?
  5. What kinds of people irritate you the most?
  6. How much do you believe in your convictions?
  7. Which best describes you?
  8. Are you a worrier?
  9. When hard times come you...
  10. Someone points a gun at your friend. You...
  11. You are...
  12. Which is most important

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Quiz topic: Which Studio Ghibli Heroine am I?