What Dance Mom Girl Are You?

You think you know dance moms take this quiz and test your knowledge on dance moms! You can see who knows the most in the studio and who you are like!

You will have fun when you take this quiz it's very exciting and you will learn a lot about dance moms and about your own knowledge about the perf girls!

Created by: Haley
  1. Who is your favorite dancer?
  2. Who called Chloe a sneak?
  3. Who got Cathy a cake on her Birthday?
  4. Who came in when Brooke went to her 8th grade dance?
  5. What is Nia's Favorite dance move?
  6. Who called Christie a disco Ball?
  7. What Solo was Maddie Performing when her music skipped?
  8. Who is the oldest dancer on the team?
  9. Who is the youngest dancer on the team?
  10. What Family would you like to live with?
  11. How many brothers does Nia have?

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Quiz topic: What Dance Mom Girl am I?