Are you a real Mainer?

Maine is more than just lobsters, Stephen King, and thick accents. Many people spend summers drinking in the joy of the pine tree state, but few know it well. Whether you've lived here your whole life, you're a frequent visitor, or you've only seen it on tv, Maine is a place no one forgets.

Are you a real Mainer? Do you go to bed when it's dark under the table? Do you know the difference between an Italian and a Coffee Pot? See if you are a native, or just from away. This quiz is designed to be fair to both Maines. If you understand THAT, you're going to do well!

Created by: marleina
  1. What are the three meals of the day called?
  2. What is the "Big Deal", "Country Corner", and "Swap Shop"
  3. What do you call a sandwich on a long roll with meat, cheese, and vegetables?
  4. Which is "The County"?
  5. What is the area in front of your house called?
  6. Where do you find clams?
  7. What is moxie?
  8. What is a "Deer Isle Smile"?
  9. What is Irving?
  10. How do you pronounce "Calais"?
  11. What is Uncle Henry?
  12. What is the proper use of the word 'wicked'?
  13. What are "Maine Black Bear" and "Moose Tracks"?
  14. What is "SAD"?
  15. What is a lobster roll?
  16. What are pier fries?
  17. What is a typical first real job for kids in northern Maine?
  18. What's a 'coffee pot'?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Mainer?