Are you wicked awesome (from Maine)?

There are many people in Maine, but some of them are from away, or just passing through. If you have been here enough times you might be able to answer some of the questions correctly.

In the end, this short quiz will let you know if you are truly a Mainer. You most likely know whether you are or not, but for those of you who are a little bit think, the test will be right helpful.

Created by: bjs

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  1. Sledding is the act of:
  2. Skitching is the act of:
  3. LL Bean is/was:
  4. Poland Spring is:
  5. If your car is all stoved up, it _______ .
  6. Jees-aaam crow is:
  7. Heater Hunting is:
  8. 4 bying is:
  9. The appropriate response to one of your friends winning the Megabucks is:
  10. As legend has it Portland Maine was named after Portland Oregon.

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Quiz topic: Am I wicked awesome (from Maine)?