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  • A bunch of bulls---, I am "75% mainer and from a city like portland" I am roughly 40 miles from the canadian border and if I went any farther north or east I would probably be on the news in a missing persons report. I am on 130 acres and have no neighbors except for my granfather who owns most of the property. My family (Dads side) goes so far back in this state that we lost record of the name.

    They should add some questions about logging and crabbing as well, considering its more of a tradition than Sledding. Thanks, and have a wicked awesome day.

    MisquitoBreath May 14 '15, 12:07PM
  • I live in Maine. All I have to say is you forgot to mention booning lol, one of my best childhood memories

    Irysthesloth Oct 16 '14, 1:15PM
  • I was born in Maine and have lived here all my life and I had no idea what some of these answers were.

    aphrodite123 Jun 24 '14, 1:08AM
  • i actually do live in maine lol but out in the willy wackin woods dude like a mile in its wicked cold when i gotta walk down for the school bus lol

    jaydee Jan 18 '12, 12:06PM

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