how much of a MAINE R ARE YA

How maine are you? Take this new and improved quiz to find out. If you think you know everything there is to know about maine then nows the time to test your knowledge!

Are YOU a true mainer or just a wannabee? In just a few minutes of your time you can find out how much you know about your state. Do I stay or do I go now?

Created by: mike
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  1. what season is the longest in maine
  2. how many seasons are in maine
  3. what are people from maine called?
  4. what is the capital of maine?
  5. whats is maine famous for?
  6. where is maine located in the us?
  7. what is maine's nickname?
  8. whats is the famous word used by maine people?
  9. whats is the most popular truck driven in maine?
  10. what is the maine state bird?
  11. whats is the tallest mountian in maine?
  12. what is grown alot in maine?
  13. over 50% of maine people are missing what?
  14. how many malls are in maine?
  15. what ocean is maine closest to?
  16. whats a famous sport in maine?
  17. what is the most famous park in maine?
  18. what number state is maine?
  19. whats the main color in the maine flag?
  20. how do people in maine where their sandals, with socks or with out?
  21. what popular brand of bottled water comes from maine?
  22. what berry is popular in maine?
  23. what do most young adults in maine have?
  24. whats maines flower?
  25. whats a hot spot in maine?
  26. whats the biggest lake in maine?
  27. whats the largest animal in maine?
  28. whats maines famous whale?
  29. whats maines motto?
  30. what words are written on a maine license plate?
  31. whats the worst insect in maine?

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