Are you a Mainah or a Flatlandah?

Are you from away, or from Maine? Are you a Maniac or just a wannabe? Take this quiz and you'll find out how you rate on the Maine scale. Don't be, as my grammy said, "Behind the egg ball," take the quiz.

This is on a website somewhere: Mainers use silly words like cunnin', pungin', ayup, and fetchin'. None of these have any foundation in the english language. I guess the sheep must have taught them to the Mainers." Bull tripe, I tell ya.

Created by: macshanna

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  1. What's the Maine state bird?
  2. "It's balmy out," Mister Man just told me, taking off his Chester Greenwoods.
  3. How do you eat a lobster?
  4. If you're "from away," what does that mean? Hint: flatlander.
  5. Last night you had a lot of coffee brandies and you got wicked loaded and went out tippin. Tippin has to do with:
  6. Where is my cunnin' old man? He's out pottin' bugs, like he does all season.
  7. She's gaumy, ain't she?
  8. Mainers talk like people from New York, but more like people from Massachussetts.
  9. Moxie tastes like:
  10. Bert and I was performed by two kids from Boston.
  11. Tim Sample is
  12. Words like "butter" sound like ___ and words like "sofa" can sound like ___.
  13. Pop or soda? Bag or sack?
  14. That old boy is full of the old cat.
  15. Cabin fever is relieved by:
  16. All kidding aside, Mainers care about community more than anything. You can count on your neighbor to stoke your stove. That means?
  17. How come you took this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Mainah or a Flatlandah?