So you think your a Mainah...

There are many states but Maine has a unique accent and style of life unlike any other. This short quiz will ask you a series of questions which will decide how much of a Mainah you really are. Find out now!

So you think your a Mainah? Take this quiz to find out just how Mainah you are. A few simple questions test YOUR knowledge. Maybe your a true Mainah and maybe your not. Find out!!

Created by: Joey
  1. What is the most popular tractah in Maine?
  2. What temperature do Mainah's consider "a bit nippy"?
  3. What is smeltin?
  4. What colors do you wear during huntin season?
  5. What's an auger?
  6. Where do Mainah's ride their sleds?
  7. What is the most resonable and preferable vehicle in Maine?
  8. What's the/a Forcaster?
  9. Which store has this song as their jingle? "You should have bought it when you saw it at ______!"
  10. Moody's is a place to...
  11. What do Mainah's call a button-up, long-sleve shirt?
  12. "Moosehead" is a...
  13. What happens when you hit a deer (deah) while driving?
  14. What's Maine's favorite beverage?
  15. What is ductape most commonly used for?

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Quiz topic: So you think my a Mainah...