How Mainah are you?

There are people who think they are a "Mainah", and then there are people who truely are "Mainah's". Which one are you? The only way you will know is to take the quiz.

I thought I would make this quiz to show people if they qualify as a true "Mainah", because I have met some people that think they are and are no where even close to it. I hope you have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Michelle
  1. You have said ahuy at least once in your life time!
  2. Instead of saying car, Bar Harbor, or yes, you say cah, Bah Habah, or yeah!
  3. What is 4 byin'?
  4. How close is the nearest mall to your house? (Wal*Mart and mini malls don't count!)
  5. What is L.L. Bean?
  6. What is a "flat"?
  7. What is tamale?
  8. You think that lobster should be it's very own catagory in the food pyramid!
  9. One of your theories is "If you can't duck it, f*ck it!"
  10. The only way to eat a lobster is with your hands, and there is NO WAY you would ever use one of those bibs!
  11. Your High school was so small that you knew the names of almost, if not every, kid that went to it!
  12. You have eaten at Moody's Diner at least once!
  13. You have read one of Tim Sample's books!
  14. Have you been to the Blues Festival or Lobster Festival at least once?

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Quiz topic: How Mainah am I?