You Think You Know the Lion King? Prove It!! (HARD)

My favorite movie is the Lion King and I would always go online to try and find a test worthy of my knowledge. I've been doing this for a while and I had only found one! So, I decided to make this and see if anyone could match me!

Can you do it? The Ultimate Lion King quiz! Test your dedication to the movie or your luck! Its been said that I am a Lion King Freak so test your skills!!! Just a few minutes or so, and you'll be on your way with or without the title of LION KING MASTER!!

Created by: Duckster
  1. How many lioness' stand up for Simba when Scar interrogates him?
  2. What color are Simba, Mufasa, Scar and Nala's eyes? (In that order. . .)
  3. What is the 14th word, spoken by a character, said in this movie?
  4. "Okay, hot stuff; What is the last word spoken, by a character, in this movie?"
  5. In the song, "I just can't wait to be King," in what order does the animals stack to lift Simba and Nala up? (From top to bottom)
  6. Getting harder? Lol. Rewind a little. In the same song, when every one is looking left and right, what two animals do you see here that you don't see at all during the rest of the movie?
  7. How many times does someone "laugh in the face of danger?"
  8. Everyone knows that sad melody that is undoubtedly the Lion King, but what is the name of this heartbreaking tune?
  9. So who wrote that composition?
  10. Here's one that should be easy. . . What is Nala's mother's name?

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