The Lion King Character Quiz

There are many lions in this world...but only few are cartoon. Who are the cartoon lions? Mohatu...Uu, Nia, Adahi, Simba, Nala. These are only the adults...later will be one for the littlies

Are YOU a cartoon Lion...well, obviously. But WHICH one? Are you old, young, dead, alive...male, female. Were you famous, were you infamous? Did you rule well...were you hated? Find out after you take this test

Created by: Natalie
  1. Do you have Black hair?
  2. Have you ever killed someone (indirectly and directly)
  3. Have you been anywhere you're not sposed to?
  4. Have you ever caused your family grief or shame?
  5. Do you like to hunt?
  6. Do you love your mate?
  7. Do you have twins, or two or more kids
  8. Have you ever lost a family member (immediate family)
  9. Are you dead?
  10. Do you like this quiz? (Dumb question but I can't think of any others)

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