Do you know The King of Queens?

A lot of people watch The King of Queens,and there is a lot of people who know a lot about it, but do you? Find out right now! Take the quiz. HURRY AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

I hope you have fun. If you don't keep taking it until you do because I worked very hard on this quiz and I want evrybody to be happy with it. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Created by: Katie
  1. What is the name of the main character in the show?
  2. What is Carrie's dad's name?
  3. Where does Doug work?
  4. Where does Carrie work?
  5. What is the name of the woman that walks Arthur?
  6. What is Doug's african american friend's name?
  7. Has Doug ever been married before he met Carrie?
  8. In the series finale, how many children does it show that Carrie and Doug have?
  9. In season two, why doesn't Carrie want Doug to have a motorcyle?
  10. What season is the episode when Doug's big screen tv gets stolen?
  11. How many seasons were there?
  12. Who is Danny?
  13. Deacon Palmer is Doug's friend. Deacon and his wife, Kelly, have two kids, what are their names?
  14. Do Doug and Carrie ever get a divorce in the final episode?

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Quiz topic: Do I know The King of Queens?