Are you a King of Games?

There are quite some people who like to play Yu-gi-oh!, but a vast majority don't read their cards and do whatever they like. Are you unique? Do you play your cards right? Let's find out!

"Of course I do," you exclaim indignantly. "Prove it," I say. "Bring it on!" you say. Well, I have. WARNING: Guaranteed to make you think hard. Not recommended for under-10s.

Created by: Logan Webber
  1. My Mad Reloader is destroyed in battle and I activate its effect. Would I Special Summon Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World if it went to the Graveyard for the effect of Mad Reloader?
  2. Why is that so?
  3. I activate the effect of my The Wicked Eraser to destroy all cards on the field while I control three Phantom Beast - Rock Lizard. Would 6000 damage be inflicted to my opponent?
  4. Why is that so?
  5. I control a Red Eyes B. Dragon equipped with Metalmorph and I have Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon in my hand. Can I tribute Red Eyes B. Dragon to Special Summon Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon?
  6. Why is that so?
  7. I activate the effect of Torture Golem to Special Summon it to the field of my opponent (my opponent does not control any monsters) and Special Summon 2 Torture Tokens to my field. What would be the best card to have in my hand?
  8. I activate the effect of Archlord Zerato to destroy all monsters on the field but my opponent activates Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Sanctuary in the Sky. Would the effect of Archlord Zerato still resolve?
  9. Why is that so?
  10. I send Burst Stream of Destruction to the Graveyard due to the effect of Destiny Hero Diamond Dude. Would the effect of Burst Stream of Destruction still be activated even though I do not control a Blue Eyes White Dragon?
  11. My The Hunter with 7 Weapons (1000 ATK) attacks a Fiend monster and I declared Fiend for the effect of The Hunter with 7 Weapons. My opponent activates Mirror Wall. What will the ATK of The Hunter with 7 Weapons be?
  12. I negate Dust Tornado (activated by my opponent) with Judgement of Anubis. Can I now destroy their face-up Abysmal Kingshark?
  13. Why is that so?
  14. My opponent activates Widespread Ruin and I control Elemental Hero Wildheart (1500 ATK) and Elemental Hero Avian (1000 ATK) on my field. Which monster will be destroyed?
  15. I summon my Zaborg the Thunder Monarch via the effect of Mausoleum of the Emperor. What happens?
  16. My opponent controls Lord of D. and Twin-Headed Behemoth. My opponent tributes Twin-Headed Behemoth to summon Luster Dragon #2. I respond with Divine Wrath. Is Luster Dragon #2 destroyed, or unaffected due to the effect of Lord of D.?
  17. I activate Overload Fusion to remove Proto-Cyber Dragon (in place of Cyber Dragon, which is required), Cyber Kirin and Blast Juggler from play to summon Chimeratech Overdragon. Is this legal?
  18. I activate a Spell Card, and my opponent responds by activating Call of the Haunted to Special Summon Legendary Flame Lord. Does Legendary Flame Lord gain a Spell Counter?
  19. Why is that so?

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Quiz topic: Am I a King of Games?