What kind of games/films you like the best.

A lot of people play games but how much do you really like them.Just let me take a little of your time a let me tell you what you like the best.seriously,ill tell you all i know about gaming and how much you actually like it.

Dont really know what kind of games really suit you.Find out here and now and stop wasting your money on games you end up giving away and learn to enjoy the joy of technology.

Created by: Slaos of Slaos LSG
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you scared of the dark
  2. Do fake special effects amuse you
  3. do you ask on your friends for advice for any new games or films they have seen or played.
  4. are you squemish
  5. do you like sequels
  6. Walkin around doing what you want to do is the best.
  7. i love help with mi games or at least a person there with me.
  8. how many games consoles do you have
  9. what rating do you think is the best
  10. what age rating are you are you allowed to play

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