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A CARRY ON QUIZ Come & Have A Go... The quiz that tests you knowledge about the films, the characters and the actors. Come and see how good your CARRY ON Knowledge is...

Come and take this 10 Question Quiz about the CARRY ON Films. It takes just a few minutes and we'll see how well you do and how much you know about these comedy films.

Created by: oohmatron

  1. Which 'Carry On' did Joan Sims & Hattie Jacques not appear in? (Films Only)
  2. Which of the following did NOT appear in the film 'Carry On Abroad'?
  3. Which of the following did not play a 'CAPTAIN' in a Carry On? (Films Only - Not TV Specials)
  4. Which of the following actresses have not appeared in the soap Eastenders?
  5. Who's character was the first with a complaint on the Elsbels Trip (Abroad)?
  6. Which of the following actors never dressed up as a NURSE for a Carry On Film?
  7. Which of the following actresses did not appear in a Carry On film Made/Released in the 70s?
  8. Which actor played FRIAR TUCK in the Robin Hood sketch of Carry On Christmas?
  9. CARRY ON CRUISING: Which actors' character had the idea of making an anniversary cake in this film?
  10. CARRY ON CHRISTMAS: In the PANTO sketch Peter Butterworth and Terry Scott played the ugly sisters Haggie & Baggie - who played Haggie?

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