Yu-gi-oh! GX Knowledge Quiz

Who could be the next King/Queen of Games? Could it possibly be YOU? Well, no use thinking so without proving it. If you can master this quiz, maybe you can get up there!

A true King/Queen of Games has an eye to detail - such as the perfect cards to combo. If you've got an eye to detail too, you'll have noticed little things that can make the difference!

Created by: Logan
  1. Which Shadow Rider was accidently transported to the Duel Monsters World?
  2. Why did Alexis slap Bastion?
  3. Which non-Sacred Beast monster did Kagemaru use?
  4. Name Jaden's three Triple Contact Fusion monsters.
  5. What monster does Atticus own that is also in Nightshroud's Deck?
  6. Out of all his duels that we have seen, how many has Jaden not won?
  7. Name two of Jim's cards that exist in the TCG.
  8. What is Jesse's rarest card?
  9. What is the theme of Slade Princeton's deck?
  10. Which monster does Pegasus "toonify"?

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