Disney Knowledge Quiz

How much do you really know about Walt Disney World in Florida? Think you know as much as someone who, say, worked there on an internship? There are plenty of ways to find out...

Can you get them all right? Test your knowledge through the eyes of a cast member, and see how you fare. Just a few minutes away is your grade of Disney Knowledge

Created by: alisha
  1. How many theme parks are on Walt Disney World property?
  2. What year did the Magic Kingdom open?
  3. What was "Mickey Mouse"'s first cartoon?
  4. What does "experimental prototype community of tomorrow" mean to you in regards to Disney?
  5. At what park will you find things like "Kali River Rapids" and "The Oasis"?
  6. If your attractions operator calls "101", what is going on?
  7. Where did the name "Pleasure Island" come from? (the night-time club complex at Downtown Disney)
  8. Where can you find "The Carousel of Progress"?
  9. How many resort hotels are on Walt Disney World property?
  10. Whose "Castle" is in the Magic Kingdom?
  11. What attraction is actually housed in "The big golf ball" at EPCOT?
  12. What is the newest roller-coaster at Walt Disney World as of 2007?
  13. What "Celebration" are they having in the parks this year (2007)?

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