Blake's Disney Challenge

There are many people who consider themselves Disney legends, or rather experts in the area of Disney. However, there are some things that many don't know.

Do you know these answers? I really hope you do, otherwise you really cannot consider yourself a Disney wizard. Let's see if you can or not. Good luck!!

Created by: Blake
  1. In the movie Fantasia, what is the name of the devil in the final sequence of Night on Bald Mountain?
  2. Which of these Disney films has never been made into a musical?
  3. Which of these is not a live action movie?
  4. Which came first?
  5. Which of these is one of your favorite characters?
  6. Which of these is your favoirte villain?
  7. Which of these songs was Walt Disney's favorite?
  8. About how many people work at Disney World?
  9. Who was the composer for Sleeping Beauty?
  10. Which two Movies was Daivd Tomlinson in?
  11. Which one of these is not a character associated with Angela Lansbury?
  12. What is the step mother's name in Cinderella?
  13. What is Boo's, from Monsters INC., real name?

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