Do You Know Your Movie Quotes?

I have watched a lot of Disney movies and memorized a great deal of them. How about you? Do you think you can identify all 12 Disney Movies just by reading one line from the movie? Well let's find out! Take my quiz right now!

How closely have you been watching your Disney movies? Think you've seen them all? Think you know every line? I challenge you to take my quiz and see for yourself just how much of a Disney nut you are. Take my quiz right this second!

Created by: Jess
  1. "I want you to leave and never come back."
  2. "Have you looked outside? It's suicide out there."
  3. "I wonder if its brains are still in there?"
  4. "Well, I don't care what Parliament realm, or whatever it is, says. You're not coming in here, not with the mister and missus gone."
  5. "Release me fast or you will have to answer for this heinous act."
  6. "The natives over there are cannibals. They eat liars with the same enthusiasm as they eat honest men."
  7. "No human is that cruel."
  8. "Can't a guy make one mistake?"
  9. "Candlelight, privacy, Romantic music. Can't think of a more perfect setting for hand-to-hand combat."
  10. "Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing."

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