Hard Classic Movie Quiz

This is a cross reference quote quiz that does not ask stupid questions of matching quotes with names but rather asks you to match quotes with other quotes in the same film. Keep a mental note of all of the right and wrong answers to all of the quotes as you will be asked later on about even the wrong answers. This is very very hard and concerns mostly classic films (and classically bad films of recent memory)

This is to test if you are casual movie goer or a film fanatic. It cross references quotes to see if not only you know where the answer came from but what connects the wrong answers as well. There's no guessing..either you know it or you don't!

Created by: Curtis
  1. "They was giving me ten thousand watts a day. I'm hot to trot! The next woman takes me on's gonna light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars!" Name another quote from the same film:
  2. What did all of the quotes from the previous question have in common?
  3. "There's no emotion. None. Just the pretense of it. The words, the gesture, the tone of voice, everything else is the same, but not the feeling." Name another quote from the same film:
  4. What theme connected all five of the possible answers of the last question?
  5. Samuel L. Jackson Spoke all of these EXCEPT
  6. Which of these classically horrible films didn't have Samuel L. Jackson in it?
  7. On a timeline, which quote came first?
  8. What connects all of the answers on the previous question?
  9. "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat." Pick another quote from the same film:
  10. The other answers are connected how?
  11. Lighting Round: Which film was not mentioned in this quiz neither in the question, the answers or the wrong answers?
  12. Lightning Round: Which of these "new" films weren't a remake of a previous film?
  13. Last Question: If you take the number of Halloween films that have been made (counting the remake and the 3rd film that didn't have Myers) and you subtract the number of Rocky's that have been made... then you multiply that by the amount of lethal weapon

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