are you a true fox and hounder?

There are many imposter fox and hounders in this world, but few are true. A fox and hounder knows all about this classic best friend movie and would gladly share their knowledge with the world.

Do you have the will power to accumulate your past knowledge from your favorite classic best friend movie? Before now all you could do was wonder. Now you can find out by taking this amazing quiz! Show your stuff!

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  1. what are the names of the fox and the hound?
  2. who does the fox find residence with when he's dropped off in the forest?
  3. What does the fox knock over in the barn?
  4. Why does widow tweed leave the fox in the forest?
  5. Who does Big Mama introduce the fox to in the woods?
  6. who saves who in the end?
  7. do dinky and boomer get that pesky worm in the end?
  8. finish this line. "And we'll always be friends forever, wont we?" "___"?
  9. What happened to the fox's mom?
  10. Where does the fox hide when Cheif was chasing him?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fox and hounder?