Do you know your Boston Red Sox History?

"There are many Sox fans, but few true ones. A true fan is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a True fan ? A True fan is someone who has incredible knowledge of their team.

"Are YOU a true sox fan? Do you have the ability to qualify for that prestigious title of" Unique Red Sox Nation Fan". Until now you could only wonder if you would be eligible. But thanks to this great test of fortitude , in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: MIKE

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  1. The sign on the "Green Monster" says that the distance from home plate to the wall is 310 ft. That is incorrect. What is the real distance?
  2. What was known as "Duffy's Cliff" at Fenway Park, from 1912 to 1933?
  3. What 1970's Red Sox Player's hometown Was Charlestown, NH ?
  4. Who are the left field and right field foul poles named after?
  5. In 1940 the bullpen was move from fair territory to right field, thus making it easier for this home run slugger to hit it out of the park. Who was this slugger?
  6. From 1963--1968 another Boston Team shared the Red Sox's field with them. What team was this?
  7. Which Former Red Sox owner was the last person in MLB to put a black player on his roster because he was prejudice ?
  8. What does the only RED SEAT in the right field stands mean?
  9. Which former Red Sox hurler's nickname was "The Spaceman"
  10. What famous sign do you always see when a homerun goes sailing over the Green Monster?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Boston Red Sox History?