Do you know season 6 of american idol?

I love american idol but season 6 was my favorite!! i loved blake lewis and chris richardson!! but they were all good.. blake lewis was a great beatboxer and im so glad he was on last season.. yay for blake

you think you know american idol season 6???? well, take this quiz to find out.. its full of questions only a good american idol fan would know.. and you know that you want to find out so take this quiz!! love blake so much!!!

Created by: Cara
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  1. Who is the host of American idol?
  2. Do you like american idol?
  3. Who was the one who could beatbox?
  4. Who always had crazy hair?
  5. Who was 22?
  6. Who sang livin on a prayer by Bon Jovi?
  7. Who kissed Simon on Bon Jovi night?
  8. Who sang Smooth by Jenifer Lopez's husband?
  9. Which one of these season 6 contestants were from Virginia
  10. Who won season 6 of american idol?
  11. Who do you think i like the best?
  12. Who always had a little girl crying for them?

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Quiz topic: Do I know season 6 of american idol?