Do you know your American Idol?

Have you ever seen American idol? Do you know a lot about it? For example who are the winners, and who are the losers. If you answered these questions with yes, then this may be the quiz for you! American Idol is a show to see who should be the next singing star. If you didn't know that, then this may not be the write quiz for you!

Think you know what there is to know about American Idol. Take this quiz and see! If you pay attention to details, and watch it every night it's on, then don't just sit there, take this quiz. Don't worry, it's not that hard! You'll do fine!

Created by: mteen
  1. Who was the first American Idol winner?
  2. Who received more Grammys?
  3. Which winner had troubles with bulimia?
  4. Who is the host of American Idol?
  5. Which American Idol star sings the song "Jesus take the Wheel?"
  6. Which American Idol star came in third place, and now is in their own band
  7. What judge is known for being cruel, nasty, and very mean?
  8. On the latest season of American Idol who is the beat boxer?
  9. Who is the american Idol star who is known for his hair, and his good attitude?
  10. Who was the latest winner of American Idol

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Quiz topic: Do I know my American Idol?