Are you an American Idol Fanatic?

Many people can call themselves American Idol Fanatics, but it is really hard to do. All 6 Seasons and all the contestants, only some have what it takes to be a genius.

American Idol is a huge phenomen and few have what it takes to know every deatail of the hit sucess, you maybe one of them, to find out take this quiz. You may be suprised...

Created by: kaitlyn
  1. What place did Kimberly Locke come in? (HINT: it was season 2)
  2. What was William Hung's album called?
  3. How many Grammys did Carrie Underwood win?
  4. How many contestants were left when Ryan Starr got voted off in Season 1?
  5. Who was the other contestant in the bottom 2 when Daughtry was voted off in Season 5?
  6. During the Season 6 finale, the record was broken for the most votes ever on the show, what was is?
  7. Diana DeGarmo came in second place next to which winner?
  8. Which Season 6 contestant came in 7th place in 2007?
  9. What song was played in the backround when someone got voted off in Season 5?
  10. What About Season 6?
  11. Which final 2 contestants starred in a movie together right after the finale?
  12. Who was to co host with Ryan Seacrest in season 1 who quit after only 1 season?
  13. Which winner was favored as the best winner ever by 49%?

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Quiz topic: Am I an American Idol Fanatic?