All About American Idol

There are lots of people who are obsessed with American Idol. Some people could give a heck or care less. This quiz is to see how much you really know about American Idol.

Do YOU think YOU know all there is to know about American Idol? Do YOU think its a waste of your time? Are YOU absolutely an American Idol Fanatic? Most of you don't really know, thanks to this wonderful quiz, you will finally find out how obsessed with American Idol you really are!!

Created by: Brittany
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  1. Who your favorite American Idol from this year, 2008?
  2. Through out all the years, who is your favorite American Idol?
  3. Who was the runner up the year that Taylor Hicks won?
  4. Do you know everything there is to know about American Idol?
  5. Who are you for sure will win this year in 2008?
  6. Do you think David Archuleta is cute?
  7. David Archuleta is the best singer I have ever heard in my entire life, don't you agree?
  8. Who won in 2005?
  9. Who did David Archuleta sing for when he was 11 years old?
  10. Do you wish you could date David Cook?
  11. Do you wish you could date David Archuleta?

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