You cant see me!!!!!

This is a WWE quiz. If you like the WWE, try it. If not, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! This quiz contains only knowledge about WWE. Try to watch Raw on USA monday nights on Raw for more knowledge on the WWE.

Also, try watching ECW on SciFi on Tuesday nights, or SmackDown on The CW on Friday nights. If you have enough knowledge about WWE, try this quiz. It isnt terribly hard, so I hope you enjoy.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
What WWE title does John Cena hold?
World Heavyweight championship
Intercontinental Championship
ECW World title
WWE Championship
Spinner belt
United States Championship
How tall is WWE superstar Kane?
Who has the most WWE/World Championships?
The Rock
The Undertaker
Stone Cold
Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Triple H
Which of these superstars has NEVER been a part of D-X?
Triple H
Road Dogg
Billy Gunn
Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker
Which of these has NEVER been a WWE pay-per-view name?
Judgement Day
Demolition Wednesday
Taboo Tuesday
Cyber Sunday
Bad Blood
Which one of these has NEVER been a WWE superstar?
Giant Gonzales
The Boogeyman
The Godfather
The Rock
The Stone
Which 2 superstars have won the tag team titles in the past?
Stone Cold and The Rock
D-Von Dudley and Spike Dudley
Kane and RVD
Rey Mysterio and Undertaker
John Cena and Triple H
Batista and Randy Orton
Which of these superstars is related to Eric Bischoff?
Charlie Haas
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Which of these superstars has NEVER won the World Heavyweight Championship?
Booker T
Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio
Which of these superstars has NOT starred in a movie?
John Cena
Andre the Giant
Hulk Hogan
The Rock

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