Test Your Young & The Restless Knowledge

The Young and The Restless is a very popular Soap Opra. Do you watch? With many characters and plots, it doesn't help to just watch one episode. Please take this quiz, you know you want to!!!

Tkae this amazingly simple quix to test your Y&R knowledge. Do you know who Abbey's real father is? Do you know who sells make-up? And who IS the oldest character? See if you know the answer by taking this quiz!

Created by: Paulie T.

  1. Which of there characters has not married a member of the Abbot Family?
  2. Who was Shelia Carter disguised as, in order to get to Lauren Finmore/Baldwen?
  3. Who helped Amber stage her marriage to Cain?
  4. Who is the owner of the local resturant/fitness club?
  5. who owns the coffee house?
  6. How did Kevin meet Lily?
  7. What does Victor Newman's company sell?
  8. Who is Colleen's Teacher/Boyfriend?
  9. Who locked Colleen in the freezer the FIRST time?
  10. Who locked Colleen in the freezer the SECOND time?
  11. Who is the current oldest living character on Y&R?
  12. Which of these characters saw ghosts?
  13. Who was told at the coffee house to "lay off the whip cream"?
  14. The Baldwen Family missed the funeral of Jack Abbot.
  15. Lily fell into a frozen pond and went into a coma for several months.
  16. What is Victor Newman's dog's name?
  17. Who is abbey's father?
  18. Who is Colleen's Mom?
  19. Who allowed a contaminated facial cream to be released to the public, therefore poisoning someone?
  20. Where did Amber find Jill's son?
  21. What is the location of Y&R?
  22. What can be found in the alley behind Gina's?
  23. What stae is Y&R set in?
  24. What was Nikki's previous job?
  25. Which of these is a real brother relationship?

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