Which Young Guns character are you?

I just wondered why there are no personality tests about one of the best westerns ever - Young guns. That made me think that maybe I`ll be the first one to create such test! Please enjoy:-)

Well, which of the boys from the movie Young Guns are you? Wonder that yourself? Well, this test is specially for you, go on and take it and you will find out:-)

Created by: virginia
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  1. Are you hot tempered?
  2. do you like to be a leader?
  3. do you prefer to let others take decisions instead of you?
  4. do you like play jokes to the others?
  5. do you like to write - poetry etc?
  6. do you prefer to take decisions spontaniously - yes, or do you prefer to think first - no?
  7. do you get frightened easily?
  8. can you dance well?
  9. how do you act when things get dangerous?
  10. what`s the perfect day for you?
  11. how would you impress a girl/boy?
  12. do you think often what will tell the others about your behaviour/acting?
  13. are you good in finding way out of hard situatiouns?
  14. are you ready to sacrifice yourself for your friends?
  15. what`s most important to you?

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Quiz topic: Which Young Guns character am I?