What gun are you?

There are many guns in the world, which one are you? I, Travis R. Benfer constructed this quiz by myself to help you better understand your gun needs. You will find out which one best suits you or which one you are most like.

There are thousands of guns out there, but only a few in this quiz..so have fun and let me know what you think of this. Are you hot headed and fire off like a machine gun, or are you reserved and only explode when necessary. Even if you dont like guns you should still take this quiz, its worth it in the end, and i made it so its gotta be good.

Created by: Travis Benfer of this site
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  1. I support our troops?
  2. Spray and pray describes me
  3. Stealth and concealment matter to me
  4. Guns are a burden to society
  5. I care how heavy it is
  6. If it doesnt blow up or fall apart, its not a kill
  7. Hundreds of buckshot are better then one bullet
  8. American Made is the only way to go
  9. Long range appeals to me
  10. The more expensive the better
  11. Its all about accuracy
  12. Magazine capacity matters
  13. I would like to see my kills up close
  14. Reliability is more important than a cool gun
  15. FPS (Feet per second) matters to me
  16. Customization is key to a good weapon
  17. Every good gun needs a stock
  18. Personality questions: Are you usually silent but can strike at any time?
  19. Personality questions: Are you always hot-tempered and first to go off?
  20. I love gangs and gangsters
  21. Which country makes the best guns?
  22. Bolt action is always best
  23. Guns kill people, people dont kill people

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