who are you in The Turkish revolution

After end of WW1 treaty of serves was signed by the ottoman government because of the what treaty stand for people revolted against it and that started a revolution a.k.a Turkish war of independence after the Turkish revolution succeed sultanate had abolished and republic of Turkey proclaimed and Ataturk era had strarted for Turkey

In this test you will see what your options is closest to which group . Groups are : Kemalists(main revolutionaries), Ittihadists, Royalists(ottoman government),Communists and protectorateists

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  1. Because of his military success mustafa kemal Pasha should lead the resistance
  2. Only the National Assembly can represent the turkish nation thus sultanate should be abolished and royal family should be expelled because of their treason
  3. Only with the help of a great nation Turkey could modernized and make a greater deal other than serves
  4. The Turkish resistance only make things go worse because they give the british right ti intervene in our lands and make our hands empty when it comes to make negotiations
  5. The Turkish revolution should not be stopped after defeating the entente powers it should extent to defeating the bourgeoisie
  6. Kuva-i milliye is just bunch of infidels like what the caliphate said kuva-i inzivatiye is the only rightfull army
  7. Achieving the National pact is the main goal
  8. We shouldn’t stop after the revolution we should also fight to unify all turkic lands even if it means war or wars
  9. After the revolution a national republic should be declared
  10. Because the caliphate is so corrupt , inefficient and a continuation of feodal system it should be abolished
  11. The Turkish resistance should accept the soviet demands
  12. After the revolution mustafa kemal pasha should lead the nation
  13. Enver pasha did nothing wrong
  14. 1919 Ottoman election is legitimate
  15. A soviet like council should be established rather than the National Assembly

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