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There are many people who think they know Doo wop. But few are what we consider a Doo wop genius. Do you have what it takes to get that prestigious title? Let's find out. Take a few moments and test you knowledge. And don't worry. Unlike high school this test will not be held against you.

What is Doo Wop? Although in some ways doo wop is in the eye of the beholder, it's a vocal styling which personifies the emotions and special feelings that let us "Remember Then." Its music in our hearts that will never forget: the melodies and memories of being young, falling in love and good ol teenage angst. Now on to the quiz!!

Created by: Doowop Cafe of Doowopcafe
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  1. According to rock'n'roll mythology, this group got their name from a music lingo term meaning a copy of a recording.
  2. This Harlrm-based group had a hit with "Shirley" in 1957.
  3. The Silhouettes "Get a Job" sold over one million copies after it;s release in what year.
  4. This sextet from Newwark, New Jersey, was a classic one-hit wonder, but what a hit it was. According to legend, the distinctive bass-drum slam on the into to "Book of Love" may have been inspired by a baseball crashing through the recording-studio window right one cue.
  5. Mix four guys and one girl from pittsburgh and you get the "__________". This group gave us an immortal teenage angst anthem, "Since I Don't Have You" in 1958.
  6. With all the the bird groups flying around. the "_______" choose to name themselves after a hairstyle worn by one of their members.
  7. Phil Spector is famous for creating the "Wall of Sound", but before that he was a struggling musicican in what doo wop group?
  8. Aside from the silly headwear, the Turbans are remembered for the tune "When You Dance". But what year was it?
  9. One of the few groups from Ontario, Canada, They made their career covering songs already released like "Why do Fools Fall in Love" and "Silhouettes". They did have one original hit "The Stroll" in 1958.
  10. The Medallions, a foursom from L.A, scored with "The Letter" and a quirky 1954 number called "________"

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