How much do you know about Greek myths

I made this quiz. After studying mythology at school. Hope you all enjoy it and remember to think about myths as an adventure not a just a something you have to study.

Do you have the knowledge to be a mythology wiz. Not many will but some might. If you do you officially have the title of Mythology Wizard. Good luck.

Created by: Harold of the sea
  1. Who is the god/goddess of music, light, prophecy and healing
  2. Who killed Medusa?
  3. You are the twin son and daughter of Zeus.
  4. What was Hades weapon
  5. Who is NOT a major god
  6. Who is the god/goddess of fire and forging?
  7. What does Jason search for in his quest?
  8. What is the answer to the riddle of the sphinx?
  9. What is hydra
  10. What is the pit in the underworld called

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Greek myths