Percy Jackson and the Olyimpians

Myths are stories that some people believe in. The Greek gods and goddess's are examples of myths. They are super fun to research, and I hope that you enjoy Greek gods and goddesses as much as I did. :)

Do you believe in myths? Have you enjoyed Percy Jackson? I hope that you have read the Percy Jackson series, and done your research. :) I wish you the best of luck on this quiz. ;)

Created by: Annabeth Chase

  1. What color are Annabeth's eyes? (In the book.)
  2. Percy is the son of...
  3. Annabeth is the daughter of...
  4. In Book 1 what of Zeus's was stolen?
  5. Using the answer to question 4, who stole it?
  6. Poseidon is the God of...
  7. Zeus is the God of...
  8. Grover is a...
  9. In the movie, who won capture the flag?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a character in the Percy Jackson series?

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