What Is Your Greek Godly Name?

The Greek Gods and Goddesses are perhaps the most commonly known Gods and Goddesses. This quiz's results is of the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses, well, 10 actually. Each God or Goddess has an interesting "past experience" and I'm sure each of them have a long story to tell. Anyway, find out what is your Greek Godly name!

This is a long delayed quiz, meant to have been out about a few weeks ago, oops :/ anyway, I hope you like the quiz, and enjoy it too, and find out what is your Greek Godly name!

Created by: Kish
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  1. You are given the option of being a God or Goddess. Who would you be?
  2. Which of these symbols do you like the most? (1)?
  3. Which of these symbols do you like the most? (2)?
  4. Are you good at music, poetry or arts?
  5. What are/were your grades in school?
  6. Do you want to be rich when you grow up?
  7. Are you in constant fights? (or arguments?)?
  8. Would you like to live in the olden days where swords and spears were still used for battle or remain in the modern days where guns and bombs are used for battle?
  9. In your group of friends, are you the leader or the follower?
  10. Two guys (or girls) ask you out. 1 guy (girl) is hot, but with a not so good personality, and the other guy (girl) has an awesome personality but not that hot. Who would you choose? (be honest!).
  11. Are you an animal lover?
  12. I'm sure you love eating?
  13. What do you think of kids?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Greek Godly Name?