Mythology Master Test

Mythology plays an important part in our modern lives. Myths are lessons of long ago when gods walked among humans and beautiful nymphs played in the trees. And few people realize this today.

I'm Jade, and I like to call myself an Egyptian mythology expert. I know a ton about myths and I'm here to see if you are worthy of the title Mythology Master (MM). Just answer the 15 questions and turn them in to see if you are one of the few described above.

Created by: Jade937
  1. Hi! I'm Jade, and I'm going to give you a quiz to see if you are a mythology master. Question 1: What two groups of myths are classified as classical mythology?
  2. Good job. Hmmmm...which group of myths feature the phoenix as the sun's favorite bird?
  3. If you got the last one right, that's also my favorite group of myths! What would a gryphon/griffin build its nest out of?
  4. You are doing great! In Egyptian mythology, who was the only child of Set/Seth, god of chaos?
  5. That last one was a little hard. Who was the mother of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom?
  6. Who was the Incan goddess of the moon?
  7. This is an interesting creature: what is a Selkie/Silkie?
  8. The ancient Maya believed the Earth was the...
  9. Wonderful! In Egyptian mythology, what was worse than anything else in the world?
  10. What color was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians, and meant fertility and life?
  11. Almost done. In Greek mythology, a sphinx would ask a riddle. What is the answer to this famous sphinx riddle: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
  12. Who was the Norse god of tricksters, and caused the downfall of the Norse gods?
  13. What group of myths did the goddess Ix Chel belong to?
  14. Who were the beautiful tree spirits in Greek mythology?
  15. Drumroll, please. It's the last question! Who was the Norse god who sacrificed his hand to tie up the evil wolf Fenrir, and gave his name to Tuesday?

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