Do you know about Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is fun to learn about. I enjoyed it when I did it and I'm sure you did. If you haven't learnt about it yet, there is lots of fun coming!

Do YOU know about Greek mythology. Are you able to name all the major gods? This quiz will hopefully tell you! I made this quiz so you can moniter your progress, there is room to improve!

Created by: krazykitty

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  1. I'm gonna ask you about Greek Mythology, OK?
  2. How many gorgons were there?
  3. The Big 3 are...
  4. Chiron is a...
  5. Which one of these is not a Greek hero?
  6. How many muses are there?
  7. Pick a Titan
  8. When the Greek gods became Roman, Zeus was renamed...
  9. Hera is a virgin/maiden goddess?
  10. Satyrs are...
  11. Minotaur.
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  13. Comment?
  14. Good quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about Greek Mythology?