Knowledge of the greek mythology

There are smart prople and there are geeks. See here if you a genius when it comes to greek mythology. I mean, if you pass my test you might be a good teacher.

If you want some good advice, study before you take this quiz so you score high. If you don't score high then i'll think that you have no interest in this sort of stuff and was just bored.

Created by: Nicole

  1. What is Apollo's roman name?
  2. What is Artemis' roman name
  3. What is Apollo's sacred animal?
  4. What is Artemis' animal?
  5. What did Theseus do in the labryinth
  6. What is Jupiter's greek name?
  7. What is Jupiter's animal?
  8. What is Neptune's greek name?
  9. What is Neptune's animal?
  10. What was neptune's realm?
  11. What is Aphrodite's roman name?
  12. What is Aphrodite's animal?
  13. What is Hera's roman name?
  14. What Is Hera's animal?
  15. Who is Andromeda?
  16. Who's animal is the owl?
  17. Who's roman name is Ceres
  18. Athena turned who into a spider?
  19. What happened to Hepheatsus?
  20. Mars
  21. Wine god(dess
  22. Who did Medusa date?

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