How much do you know about Greek mythology?

I was tired of not being to talk about this with my friends and family. I created this quiz to inspire people to learn about the nuances and backgrounds of Greek mythology.

Greek mythology has been redone and warped in many ways by the Romans, and Etruscans. It takes a true Greco-file to separate one from the other. Wanna try?

Created by: Poseidon

  1. God of War?
  2. What is the Centauromachy?
  3. What is the Greek origin of the word "Hermaphrodite"?
  4. Totally random. How old are you??
  5. Who is the leader of the Centaurs?
  6. Who ferried souls to Hades?
  7. What are the symbols of Zeus?
  8. Who is the brother of Artemis?
  9. Name of the Cyclops?
  10. How many hands did the Hecatonchires have?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Greek mythology?