How well do you know Greek Mythology 2

Can you answer my Greek Mythology questions? Or will you fail miserably? I made these trivia questions so hard. Try to become superior by taking this quiz. If you pass you'll get a cookie! (kidding)

Get ready for your brain to explode! This quiz is about Greek Mythology and it is unbelievably hard. If you can get 100 percent on this quiz than you might have enough brainpower to light a whole ant city!

Created by: Tori

  1. What was Hyperion the Titan of?
  2. In Italy, what are the names of the three sirens?
  3. True or False: Was Athena born by Hephaestus cuttting open Zeus's head?
  4. What was one of the domestic arts Athena created?
  5. (Let's make this question easy) What is one of Hera's sacred animals?
  6. When Cronos fled from Zeus's wrath and moved to Rome, what did he change his name to?
  7. How many times did Prometheus steal from the gods?
  8. True or False: Was Pandora the first mortal woman to have ever lived?
  9. True or False: Did Artemis once fall in love with Aphrodite from the power of her love forces?
  10. Who is more than half the god's uncle?
  11. How many years did the Golden Age war last?
  12. What was Atlas's punishment when he was defeated in a war by Zeus?
  13. As evil and destruction flew out of Pandora's box, what was left at the bottom of it?
  14. (Last Question) Tell me, What God is ruler out of all 12 gods, most powerful god of them all?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Greek Mythology 2